Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The guys stopped by my place to pick me up on the way to H&H Restaurant on Kapikog Lake near Mactier.  Taken Jan.28/15

Stopped at the Moon River Falls.  Taken Jan.28/15

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

 Mulligans cottage across from Mainchip  Is. on McLaren Is.  Taken Jan27/15
 The red roof on Mainchip.  Taken Jan.27/15
 Maddens place at the entrance to the Two Mile Narrows on Isabel Is.  Taken Jan.27/15

Craganmor Point.  Taken Jan.27/15

Monday, 26 January 2015

 Peter and Ann  Conacher's place on Sherry Is.  Taken Jan.26/15

 This is Black Rock (center left).  It looks like the range is gone. 

 These pictures were taken from the lookout on Sherry Island.  Taken Jan.26/15

 Stanton's cottage on Bernyk Is.  Taken Jan.26/15
 Hodson's cottage on Anthony Is. in Spider Bay.  Taken Jan.26/15
Reid's cottage near the mouth of the Spider River.  Taken Jan.26/15

Sunday, 25 January 2015

This is a view of the eastern narrows of the Indian Dock Channel.  Because the water is about 3 ft. hiher than last year at this time it is not possible to rum along the shore to pass the thin ice - open water off this point.  You should take the small portage that runs just inland for about 200 ft.  As I was trimming here a couple ridding two up on an old Elan ran by center channel.  I wonder if they realize there is about 1" of ice there.  Taken Jan.25/15
 Chris and Dave Graham's cottage on McLaren Is.  Taken Jan.25/15
 West end of Bernyk Island.  Taken Jan.25/15
 Beauty Island  Taken Jan.25/15
 Sanger Island  Taken Jan.25/15
Stevenson Is.  Taken Jan.25/15

Friday, 23 January 2015

 I opened the trail from Spider Lake To Seven Mile Narrows this moning.  This shows the end of the portage on Spider Lake.  The portages are clear and in good shape.  The conditions on the lake are good with no slush encountered all the way to Canoe Lake.  Saw lots of snowmobile trakes on Spider Lake heading south.  Taken Jan.23/15

This is the start of the first portage from Gedes Bay up to Speyer Lake.  Taken Jan.23/15
Hoff's place on Kineras Bay.  Taken Jan.23/15

Thursday, 22 January 2015

This picture is taken from the center of the channel between Gash Is. and Bernyk Is.  The ice here is 10" thick.  There is some push ice starting 200' out from Prow Is. and continuing through the channel between Bernyk and Chamberlin Is.  Taken Jan.22/15

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Here are some cottage shots.  Taken Jan.21/15

Friday, 16 January 2015

 The ice here at the west entrance to the Indian Dock is 10" thick.  Taken Jan.16/15
Clark's place on Louisa Island
 The ice here in the channel between Shasha and Beauty Island is 8" thick.  Taken Jan.16/15
 The ice here between Gash Island and Bernyk Island is very inconsistent.  It ranges from 4 to 8" thick.  I did not want to walk on this patch of black ice because I suspect it is even thinner.  In my opinion it is NOT Safe to go further south than Gash Island at this time.  Taken Jan.16/15

 This view looking west from Gash Island shows the the ice further out is was broken up in last night's storm.  Taken Jan.16/15
 Looking over toward Bernyk Is from Gash Is.
 This is Bowens place.  The home of the Gash Island Web Cam
This is Shasha Island.  Taken Jan.16/15